Homes with Gas Furnaces need love too!

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Inadequate insulation

Homes with Gas Furnaces need love too!

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We get wrapped up in searching for homes with Electric Heat because the Energy Solutions Rebates are bigger. Recently we joined the NEXTDOOR App and have been recommended by so many customers that we are starting to see more Customers who have a gas furnace. Most of these homes are older, have badly degraded insulation, leaky duct work and many have the always troublesome “Wall Return”!(Wall returns are potentially the worst energy robbing feature of your home)

Winter is coming fast and now is the time to take the necessary measures to avoid a high gas bill. Weatherization is real and we are the best at making sure your home is ready for the cold days and nights ahead. I’m posting a couple of before and after videos of a very nice 40 year old Baton Rouge home. Notice the visibility of the ceiling joists before we insulate.

In the above video the AC System(which incorporates a gas furnace) has been sealed but we haven’t yet installed blown insulation. In the next video the attic will be fully weatherized including insulation , air sealing and duct sealing. We have also added an attic tent. This client noticed and immediate increase in airflow from the AC unit, much shorter AC cycling, lower humidity and a much more comfortable environment.

We increased the insulation from about R4 to R38, making this home like a ice chest. These people gave us a great recommendation on the NEXTDOOR App which allowed others with similar homes in the area to get a heads up on the potential energy efficiency shortcomings of their homes.  There is no reason to waste money on high utility bills if the issues are reasonably correctable. Please give us a call, I will be happy to come out and perform an inspection of your home at No Charge and make recommendations.

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