Lower Your Energy Costs With Proper Insulation

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Lower Your Energy Costs With Proper Insulation

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We visit nearly 20 homes per week in the Greater Baton Rouge area. 95% of those homes have insulation that is inadequate for the climate we live in. Entergy recommends insulating your home to R30 or greater. With blown in fiberglass, that’s 11 1/2 inches deep. Look in your attic, if you can see ceiling joists, you need insulation. As a matter of fact, if you have 2×6 ceiling joists and they are visible, you only have half of what you need.

With Asyndant Energy and Entergy Solutions- Residential Solutions Program you can beef up your insulation, lower your bills and make your home more comfortable for under $500*!

Correct Insulation Level

Entergy Solution Residential Solutions Rebates are available for a limited time. Sign up for a free Energy Loss Survey and you may be eligible to have your entire AC System sealed for free($685 Value).


*Average 1500sq ft home, includes required Attic Tent($185 Value)


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Jim Clarke

May 13, 2017at 6:15 pm

Hi Francisco, please give me some clarification and detail. Who is you power provider, i.e. Entergy, DEMCO? Do you have gas or electric heat? Also, are you in Baton Rouge?

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