Home Buyers! Do “Home Inspections” give you all of the info you need?

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Insulation, duct seal older homes

Home Buyers! Do “Home Inspections” give you all of the info you need?

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Home Inspections performed before purchasing new homes are very smart moves. Home Inspectors are, for the most part, very well trained, licensed and perform thorough inspections. They can find things that may cost you $1000s if left undetected before the purchase.

Insulation, duct seal older homes

Older homes are notorious for wall returns, leaky duct work and weak insulation

That being said, there are some areas that are not included in Home Inspections that may also cost you $1000s if left undetected. For instance, Home Inspectors check for the proper operation and condition of the Heating and Cooling Systems. What Home Inspections miss is the integrity of the duct work and overall seal of the Heating and Cooling Systems. This is especially important in an older home, 20 plus years old. The Code max leakage of an HVAC System should be no more than 8% of the square footage of the conditioned area of the home. To identify leakage amounts we perform a Duct Efficiency Test test which requires special certifications and training. Home Inspectors don’t have the equipment or certifications. Leaky systems can make your home less comfortable, shorten the life of your system and cause higher energy bills. Additionally, when our area experiences extreme weather, hot or cold, a home with a leaky HVAC System may experience wild swings in utility bills. This winter saw many home’s utility bills doubled or tripled.

Very Important!If the home you are considering to purchase has a “Wall Return” for the HVAC unit(meaning you put the AC filter in a grill on a wall instead of the ceiling, BEWARE! These returns are notoriously leaky and most probably will cost you money in the form of higher utility bills if not professionally sealed.

Another huge energy saving point that not enough attention paid to is the R Value of the home’s insulation. It should be R38 which is nearly 14″ thick. Just because the home has insulation doesn’t mean it has adequate insulation. It should also be consistent throughout the attic, no thin or bare spots. Also if insulation is adequate make sure there are baffles between the joist that guarantee air flow in the attic.

Next, if your home has an attic staircase in the conditioned area(living area), you should have an attic tent. In Louisiana, most home have the attic staircase door(leakiest unsealed door in the home) is the same hall area as the AC Return. This allows the AC System to pull hot humid air directly out of the attic. As a result your AC System is overworked, causing higher bills and shortening the life of the System.

If you are considering the purchase of a home and would like more information on our services please call or message me at 225-413-1157 or simply submit the form below. The call or message is free and our service may save you $1000s.

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Keep The Cold Weather Where It Belongs…………….OUTSIDE!

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BRRRRRRRRRRR, It’s been cold, very harsh cold weather for Louisiana and the rest of the South. Normally it’s the summer that causes Energy Bills to rise but this year  there are going to be some terrible surprises when many residents open there Utility Bills. Right now, our goal is to help you keep cold weather where it belongs………….OUTSIDE!

If you home wasn’t built within the last 10 years or so, you may be experiencing higher Utility Bills, trouble keeping your home warm or more specifically, warming certain rooms.

Homes experience heat loss, inconsistent temps throughout the home, lack of air flow from central heating, a drafts that can chill you to the bone. There are many reasons for these conditions including: inadequate insulation, leaky AC duct work, air leakage, older windows, damaged weather-stripping around doors, no anti-backdraft dampers on vent fans, and on and on.

Our expertise is the ability to view your home form a holistic standpoint, test and identify all of the conditions that contribute to higher bills, diminished comfort and shortened life of your AC/Heating System. Once the conditions are identified we supply you with a list of recommendations that, if implemented, will make a quantifiable difference in your Energy Bills and the comfort of your home.

Asyndant Energy is dedicated to performing quality work and offering simple do-it-yourself recommendations to help make energy efficiency affordable and achievable.

It won’t be long before we are simmering in the steamy summer heat and all memories of the recent cold weather will be replaced with a longing for cool less humid weather. Our measures and services work in all seasons to provide you with a more comfortable home and lower Energy Bills.

Get out in front of the weather, have you home inspected and audited to find out where you stand.

Through February 15th a comprehensive visual inspection of your home with basic recommendations is only $49. To take advantage of this offer simply fill out the form and submit your information and we will schedule a time to come out and inspect your home.

Duct Seal, Supply

This is a leaky collar where duct work connects to the supply plenum of a Central AC System

Duct seal,

Properly sealed duct work. Sealed with fibrous mastic hard cast.

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First of all, let me wish you a very Happy New Year from Asyndant Energy.

The Holidays are a perfect time to reflect upon how precious family is and events like the one I am posting here also remind us of just how fleeting life can be.

Please take the time to look around your home for safety issues like overloaded extension cords, rechargeable batteries on combustible surfaces, space heaters near combustible materials, exposed wires, ect.

We are not a home inspection company but we will come and check out your attic for any visible dangers. As a rule, we just perform energy audits, install insulation, seal duct work and air seal homes. However, after this happening so close to home offering a free inspection of your attic area just to be safe. We will look for exposed wiring, proper exhaust fan operation, proper gas heat venting, look for any charred areas in insulation or near heater vents.

We obviously don’t have a license for this service but we are completely insured. This inspection is simply free and good will from us to you.

Submit your info below and one our staff will call you to set a time for your free home inspection

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Inadequate insulation

Homes with Gas Furnaces need love too!

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We get wrapped up in searching for homes with Electric Heat because the Energy Solutions Rebates are bigger. Recently we joined the NEXTDOOR App and have been recommended by so many customers that we are starting to see more Customers who have a gas furnace. Most of these homes are older, have badly degraded insulation, leaky duct work and many have the always troublesome “Wall Return”!(Wall returns are potentially the worst energy robbing feature of your home)

Winter is coming fast and now is the time to take the necessary measures to avoid a high gas bill. Weatherization is real and we are the best at making sure your home is ready for the cold days and nights ahead. I’m posting a couple of before and after videos of a very nice 40 year old Baton Rouge home. Notice the visibility of the ceiling joists before we insulate.

In the above video the AC System(which incorporates a gas furnace) has been sealed but we haven’t yet installed blown insulation. In the next video the attic will be fully weatherized including insulation , air sealing and duct sealing. We have also added an attic tent. This client noticed and immediate increase in airflow from the AC unit, much shorter AC cycling, lower humidity and a much more comfortable environment.

We increased the insulation from about R4 to R38, making this home like a ice chest. These people gave us a great recommendation on the NEXTDOOR App which allowed others with similar homes in the area to get a heads up on the potential energy efficiency shortcomings of their homes.  There is no reason to waste money on high utility bills if the issues are reasonably correctable. Please give us a call, I will be happy to come out and perform an inspection of your home at No Charge and make recommendations.

For More Information Call Me at 225-413-1157

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We Just Completed Our First CLECO Job In Covington!

We Just Completed Our First CLECO Job In Covington AND THIS IS WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY ON NextDoor!

Larry B. from Tammany Hills
 Recommends your business

“Jim explained what they do and what would help us the most. He is an expert in his field and knows his stuff! The workers were very professional and did a great job. Highly recommend Asyndant Energy.”

Thank you so much Larry and CLECO!

We look forward to serving the NorthShore, lowering energy costs, making homes more comfortable and using CLECO Residential Solutions Rebates to make it all affordable!

Call us for details about a free Energy Assessment 225-413-1157

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Cleco Residential Solutions Program

We Are A Participating Contractor With CLECO!

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As a “Trade Ally” with Entergy last year we set ourselves apart from the competition by winning the “Highest Quality Work” award in the Entergy Solutions Residential Solutions Program. Now we have an opportunity to serve CLECO customers as a participating contractor in the CLECO Residential Solutions Program!

Cleco Residential Solutions ProgramJust like the Entergy Solutions Residential Solutions Program, CLECO Residential Solutions Program allows us to perform energy saving measures to residential customers, most or all of which are paid for by rebates from CLECO! You can lower your energy costs, improve the comfort of your home and extend the life of your AC System at little or no cost.

We have Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of energy saving work paid for by rebates from Entergy. We have hundreds of happy customers that are saving money every month as result of our efforts and Entergy Solutions Rebates.

We look forward to helping CLECO customers save money and live more comfortably!

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Duct Sealing

Entergy Solutions Saves Entergy Customers A LOT!

Entergy Solutions Residential Solutions Program is designed for and to benefit Entergy Residential Customers. The program offers Residential Rebates allows us to test your AC System for leakage, seal your system from the return all the way to the registers then re-test for leakage reduction………… ALL FOR FREE!Sealed Ducts paid for by Entergy Solutions Residential Rebates

Our goal is to make sure that all of the air that your AC System conditions makes it into your home and not into your attic, walls and neighborhood. Conversely, we try to insure that the only air re-entering your AC System through the return is only the conditioned air from your home.

This program will make your home more comfortable by increasing air flow and reducing humidity, lower your energy costs by cutting down running time of your AC System and extend the life of your AC System by lowering the strain and usage caused by leakage.

Entergy also offers generous Residential Rebates to upgrade insulation and air seal your home.

Asyndant Energy L.L.C. is a trade ally with Entergy Solutions and we are here to take care of you energy efficiency upgrades.


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Tiger Baseball in the SHIP!

LSU beats Oregon St.

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Lower Your Energy Costs With Proper Insulation

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We visit nearly 20 homes per week in the Greater Baton Rouge area. 95% of those homes have insulation that is inadequate for the climate we live in. Entergy recommends insulating your home to R30 or greater. With blown in fiberglass, that’s 11 1/2 inches deep. Look in your attic, if you can see ceiling joists, you need insulation. As a matter of fact, if you have 2×6 ceiling joists and they are visible, you only have half of what you need.

With Asyndant Energy and Entergy Solutions- Residential Solutions Program you can beef up your insulation, lower your bills and make your home more comfortable for under $500*!

Correct Insulation Level

Entergy Solution Residential Solutions Rebates are available for a limited time. Sign up for a free Energy Loss Survey and you may be eligible to have your entire AC System sealed for free($685 Value).


*Average 1500sq ft home, includes required Attic Tent($185 Value)


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Home Air Quality, Reduce Allergens, Sanitize the Air

We have come across an incredible product that everyone in Louisiana needs to be aware of………ESPECIALLY households that suffer from asthma, allergies and any type of breathing issue or recurring illness. The REMI HALO is installed inside of the AC System and continuously purifies the air in your home by producing and circulating Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide through your home.

It is effective against all three categories of indoor air pollutants: Particulates, Microbials and Gases. Thoroughly tested to safely remove the risks of airborne and surface bacteria, mold spores and viruses, such as MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk, to name a few. It also eliminates off odors from cooking, manufacturing and processing foods.

Follow the links in the blog to learn more then call us to install your REMI HALO